Frequently Asked Questions


  What are your shipping policies?

We are starting our e-store with a flat rate shipping charge of $15 across Canada, regardless of how many candles you may wish to buy. The idea behind this is to be as competitive as possible given our size.

Currently, we ship within Canada only.

If you happen to be in Victoria, BC, there is no need to pay for shipping. We can just meet up instead.


  Can I customize a candle?

 Absolutely! Whether it be a different scent or colour in one of our jars or a full blown custom idea, we want to hear it. We love getting creative!


Anything I should know about wooden wicks?

 They're awesome! Ok maybe we're biased, here's some facts about wooden wicks:

They don't throw embers or sparks around your house
They burn ~90% cleaner then regular cotton wicks
They crackle softly while burning
The flame may burn low if the wick is short, but that's OK, it will come back to full force in time.


Are your candles 100% natural?

 The soy wax we choose to use is 100% natural as well as 100% plant based, though not all the products we currently use are  able to claim to be 100% natural.


 Do you offer classes?

 Perhaps in the future, but not at this time.


 Why did you start this business?

 This business was started as an alternative way to pay for university.